Persimmon Smoothie with Almonds and Date Syrup

Persimmon, i had and still have difficulty in pronouncing this fruit name. For many days, i have called it permisson 😦. While reading about them, i came to know, there are lot of varieties of Persimmon and some are non-edible by humans😯. Among the edible varieties like hachiya, kaki, jiro  they are also classified as Astringent and non-astringent. Astringent varieties, need to be fully ripened before eating them, or else it will give you a very bad after taste, you will hate that fruit.
The variety i used for this smoothie, hachiya persimmon is astringent. I picked up well-ripened fruit, that was very soft and makes a mark when touched with finger.
Another warning about the smoothie, this smoothie congeals/gels fast. So, serve it immediately, do not rest it for even 10 minutes. We don’t mind a bit thicker pudding-like smoothies. If you are left with jelled smoothie, dont worry, make a smoothie bowl with it. I served this in a bowl to my hubby, garnished it with some cut persimmons and almond silvers. 

Ingredients (serves 2)
1 persimmon
4-5 almonds
1 cup fresh milk
1 tbsp Date syrup or 4-5 nos dates

  • Wash and cut the persimmon into chunks, take the fruit chunks and almonds in a blender and blend smooth.Add milk and dates syrup to the fruit pulp and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.
  • This smoothie congeals/jells pretty fast. If left for 10 minutes, it will turn like a pudding, so serve immediately. If you don’t mind pudding like consistency, then serve it as a smoothie bowl, topped with some fresh cut fruits and nuts.