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Risalamande – Danish Rice Dessert with Almonds and Cream- Christmas Dessert

Risalamande, means rice with almonds, a traditional Danish Christmas Dessert. Love the simplicity of the dessert, the pudding as such doesn’t have any sugar, it is served with warm cherry sauce and while serving little sugar is added. Every spoon of this pudding is filled with chunky almonds and aromatic vanilla. 
What made me make this delicious pudding is the ritual behind it. This rice dessert is served after Christmas Dinner, while sitting around the Christmas tree, exchanging  gifts, though the recipe contains lot of chopped almonds, while serving, a whole almond is hidden in one of the bowls served. Whoever gets that whole almonds gets a gift. I m trying to imagine the scene there, what fun it would be, keeping in mind the Christmas spirit,  I bet bowls of pudding would get finished hurriedly just to get that whole almond.
This fun game is what made me do this yummilicious dessert. We loved the pudding, my mom and dad loved the taste, they were surprised to that something similar to our pal payasam is made in the Nordic Culture. 
My hubby loved the warm sauce on top and the tangy taste the fruit sauce gives to this yumm pudding. A rich dessert, fit for the festivities and also for the fun.

Recipe Source Nordic Food & Living
For the Rice pudding
1/2 cup short grain rice
1 litre full fat milk
1 pod of vanilla

For serving Risalamande (Makes 4-5 serving)
20 almonds, blanched
125ml heavy cream
2-3 tbsp sugar
Cherry sauce/I have used strawberry sauce
Let us make the Rice Pudding first.
  • Wash the rice once or twice. Take it in a heavy bottom pan, add milk to it and let it cook in a medium flame until rice cooks well. 
  • While the rice is cooking, cut open the vanilla pod, scrape the seeds and add to it. You can also add the scrapped pods to it, this will give a nice aroma to the pudding.
  • Cover and cook, this will speed up the process. Keep stirring often, as the rice might stick to the bottom and burn. Once the rice turns soft. Take it off the flame. It was like a thick porridge, this will thicken even more as it cools.  Refrigerate until serve
To make the cherry/strawberry sauce
  • I didnt have cherries, so made a strawberry sauce. Add 10 strawberries and 4 tbsp sugar along with  2 cloves, and a cinnamon stick to a sauce pan.
  • Let it cook in its own juices for 10-12 minutes, once the berries/cherries lose their shape and turn all mushy, take it off the stove

Blanching the almonds.

  • I usually soak the almonds for  4-5 hours and then remove the seeds. If making in a hurry, add almonds to boiling water, take it off the stove. Let it sit for 2 minutes. Drain the almonds, rinse it once with cold water, they can be easily skinned.
To serve Risalamande
  • Chop the blanced almonds roughly. Whip the  cream and add it to the pudding, along with sugar and almonds. Serve the pudding in individual bowls topped with more almonds and warm cherry sauce.

Strawberry Chia pudding – Vegan Dessert

Chia puddings, a new found craze in me. I m trying a lot of chia recipes, mostly for my  breakfast. Today i tried a savory chia bowl with buttermilk and veggies and topped it with delicious mint-turmeric chutney. 
This chia dessert was made last week, when i made some fresh strawberry jam for my lil one.  Yes, i call it dessert, because it has got a delicious strawberry jam in it and it is little too much for breakfast.
Coconut milk and chia are match made in heaven. The natural sweetness in coconut milk so beautifully soaks up the chia, and you get a lovely feel when you a taste a mouthful of it. Flavors that are, not so dense, light and delicious. When you pair this coconut milk chia with fresh fruits, you get amazing desserts to end your meal. 
Strawberry jam used in this recipe needs just 20-30 minutes if your are making fresh, i dont like store-bought jams as they have too much sugar and god knows what all preservatives, if making for someone you love, why not make good stuff.
These puddings are light on your tummy,  you wont feel that you have gorged on something unhealthy, that said, this too, should be in moderation. The below recipe will make two glass tumblers (IKEA Chai glass) of chia pudding.
With Valentine’s day on the cards, this is one delicious dessert to make for your loved ones, even my elder one loved the pudding, especially those chopped almonds on top added a great texture to the dish. If you are a health food junkie, then this is definitely your style of dessert! Go on, try it and let me know how you liked it!!
1/2 cup of coconut milk 
2 tbsp Chia seeds
1/2 cup freshly made Strawberry jam 
4-5 nos almonds, chopped
  • Soak chia seeds in coconut milk for a minimum of 3-4 hours. I prefer soaking it overnight when i making it desserts like this.
  • Once the chia is soaked, it is done, you just need to assemble them and enjoy. Take glass tumblers or mason jars or any dessert bowl in which you want to servet them.

  • Layer the bottom with 2 tbsp of freshly made strawberry jam, top it with 2 tbsp of chia, if your jar/tumbler allows, do another layer of strawberry jam and chia. Top it with chopped almonds. Refrigerator for an hour or two and serve.

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Anjeer Burfi – No Sugar Dessert

It felt as if the year started only yesterday and here we are end of October, celebrating the Festival of Lights. After navrathri, Diwali is the second festival close to my heart.  It brings loads of nostalgic memories, to an extent that I sometimes feel terribly Chennai-sick 😞
Keeping aside the discussion whether you need crackers now or not for celebrations, but growing up Diwali = bursting crackers! Appa was in railways and he had this cracker fund, we get loads of crackers,  stainless steel utensils and some sweets too. Prepping the crackers for Diwali itself was a fun activity for us. Appa will divide the crackers amongst 3 of us, where my brother gets the lion share of atoms and hydrogen bombs.

My otherwise lazy brother, would get up at 3 am in the morning, take a head bath and run outside hurriedly,  to burst the first cracker of the day! Life was fun! I don’t remember much of the pollution talk, people were responsible, we clean up the area after we burst crackers, the street association helpers(exnora)  come and clear out the garbage to keep it ready for next day! 

But now,  all I do is clean the house, deck it fine with Diyas ! It sure looks serene, but I still miss that sensible fun we had. Anyways, no point in lamenting about what we don’t have, let us enjoy what we have in hand.

Though I took up week 3 theme as Diwali for our regular BM, I couldn’t post it on time because of the medications I m taking for ear infection, it is making me so drowsy, forcing me to shut my eyes and sleep all the time!  Hopefully I will feel better from this week as the course ends in another 2 days.

Coming to the recipe, I wanted to make sugarless or No sugar  sweets for the festival. So started with  Anjeer burfi, my favorite  from puranmal. I love the taste and crunch of the Anjeer seeds along with roasted nuts , it is one power packed dessert to enjoy anytime. Also It is quite to easy to make, takes less than 20 minutes. A great treat for festivities and also a healthy snack anytime.


12-14 no’s dried figs/Anjeer
12-14 now dates, seeds removed
1/3 cup almonds
1/3 cup cashews
1/3 cup pistachios
4 no’s caradamom 
3 Tbsp ghee


  • Soak figs in water for 15-20 minutes, drain and grind it to a paste along with  dates and cardamom.
  • Keep a plate greased with ghee or laid with parchement ready by your side.
  • Remove the ground paste to a clean plate. Chop all the nuts into big pieces.
  • In a deep pan, add 1 tbsp ofnghee and toast all the nuts until they turn crunchy. Remove the nuts to another clean plate .

  • In the same pan, add the remaining ghee, and add the figs andndates paste and sauté until it turns into a Mushy dough.
  • Now add th roasted nuts to this and mix well. Let this be on the stove for another w2 minutes, keep stirring while it is on the stove as it might get stuck to the bottom of the pan.
  • Now remove the figs and nuts paste to the parchment laid plate and using flatten it neatly. Do not make it too thin or too thick. It should be an inch thick.
  • While it is still warm, make marks for slicing into squares and let  it cool completely and rest well to get perfect squares. Remove and store it in an air tight container and enjoy it guilt free.

Brigaderio – Brazilian Chocolate Truffles – 3 ingredient dessert

Our  last month’s International cooking has made my bookmark list more longer. yes, there is lot more recipes to try and problem is if we don’t try it immediately it goes back into that long list that is awaiting its day!!! One such dessert that falls in “try it immediately category” is Brigaderio, Brazilian chocolaty bonbon, a popular chocolate candy that is served as dessert and a specialty during birthday parties.
These are super cute, chewy chocolate delights. There was one more variety, where it is made just with condensed milk and butter, then rolled with cocoa powder. I didn’t know how my kiddos will take to raw cocoa, so i decided to make this chocolaty version. To make it little attractive, i just rolled it on pistachios.It was a super hit and Kuttu loved it to the core. 
Source : Veggie Platter
Ingredients (makes a dozen bite-sized Brigaderios)
1/2 tin Condensed milk (400gms tin)
2 heaped tsp of Cocoa Powder + extra 2 tbsp for coating your hands while shaping
1 tbsp butter
1/4 Cup chopped pistachios

  • In a non-stick pan, add butter when it starts to melt, add condensed milk and cocoa powder to it and mix well to combine.
  • Keeping the flame at simmer, continue stirring the mixture, until it forms together as a mass and follows your ladle wherever it goes, (i.e) comes together.
  • Alternately Suma says, you can check the done-ness by taking a spoon of the cocoa mass and turn it upside down, it should stick to the spoon for seconds and then glide down slowly back into the pan. 
  • Once done, transfer the mixture to a flat plate and let it rest for about 10-15 minutes or until it is warm enough to touch.
  • While it is resting, chop the pistachios and keep the cocoa powder for rolling ready. While shaping the balls, dust your hands with cocoa powder, pinch a small portion of the cocoa mixture and roll it inbetwen your palms to make a ball.
  •  Roll the made brigaderios on chopped pistachios to coat them. Let it rest in the fridge for about 20 minutes to firm up. 
  • Enjoy these chewy goodies and they make a wonderful gift during festive season too!!! 
Sending these cuties to Kids Delight – Potluck party, happening @ +Srivalli Jetti‘s space.
  • You can make the truffles a little more bigger and make 6-7 out of these ingredients. 
  • I wanted to have a portion control so made bite-sized pieces.
  • Try different toppings like fresh coconut, chocolate sprinkles, confetti, whatever your kiddo finds attractive.

Almond Butter & Banana Frozen Loaf – No Sugar Dessert

Chocolates and banana are a delicious combination. I have tried them in smoothies, in sandwiches and now in  a dessert!!! This is a very simple dessert, though the name looks a bit long, trying to include whatever i have used in the making!!!This loaf is inspired from Martha Stewart’s No Bake Desserts.  Original recipe uses peanut butter, since i ran out of peanuts, i subsituted it with Almonds and got this delicious loaf. It is a perfect party pleaser.  It is again a make-ahead dessert, if serving in parties, for a large crowd, individual serving cups will be a better idea, if making at home for a small gathering, then i would suggest to make it as a loaf, which can be cut and served at the dinner table.
1 banana
6 nos dates, deseeded
50 grams Lindt chocolate (70% cocoa, i used half of a 100 grams bar), chopped
200 ml of whipping cream
1/2 cup almonds
1 tbsp oil
a pinch of sea salt
  • Take the almonds in a microwave safe plate, add a drop of oil and coat them well. MW high for 4 minutes, removing once after 2 minutes, to toss and place it again.  Once done, let the almonds cool well. Coat a loaf pan with little oil and line it with a parchment with edges falling outside so it is easy to pull our the loaf once it is done.
  • While the almonds are toasting, remove the seeds from the dates and take it together with banana in a mixer and make a smooth paste of it.
  • Take the almonds along with sea salt in a food processor and grind. We are now making almond butter, grind for a minute, stop and scrape down the sides and continue. Do this until it gets finely powdered and start to release fat. Add a tsp or 2 of vegetable oil at the end to get a smooth and creamy almond butter.
  • To this almond butter add banana-dates mixture and chopped chocolate and grind to make a fine paste.
  • In another bowl, take the whipping cream and whip it well using an electric beater until it holds stiff peaks. To this bowl, add the almond butter-banana-chocolate mixture and using a silicone spatula, fold in the ingredients well to get a homogeneous mixture. Don’t forget to lick the spatula.
  • Pour the mixture into the prepared loaf pan,  i filled 3/4th of the pan and had some leftover, which i filled up in individual mousse cups. Once done, top the loafwith some chopped almonds. 
  • Put the loaf tin into the freezer and the mousse cups into the fridge, let it sit for a good 2-3 hours. When it is time to serve, just remove the loaf pan from freezer, let it sit for 5 minutes and then pull the loaf out using the paper hanging out. 
  • Cut thick slices using a serrated knife and serve immediately. 
  • This is something similar to Ice-cream or a mousse. If it is refrigerated, the texture will be of a mousse, if frozen, it will be like smooth and silky ice-cream, the advantage is, not having any ice-crystals and No churning of course!!!

Mango-Musk Melon Chia Pudding, Zero Sugar Dessert

Mangoes are in season, oh yeah, who doesn’t love mangoes! My lil one is super crazy for mangoes. I still remember when we went to Tirupathi in 2013, he was about an year old, he literally ran behind every raw-mango seller, to give him some slices, we bought from almost every seller sitting near the temple. 

Right now, i can see only mangoes when i open my rice bin. No, i m not complaining here, i m happy that he loves fresh fruits. Not only mangoes, he loves melon too, so in season, you can find both the fruits at home. 

Now coming to chia seeds, though i m using them for about an year now, never blogged about them here. I use them in chutney podi’s and breads. For a long time now, i wanted to try them in smoothies or in dessert. Last week, while food-gawking, I came across this Chia pudding here, i got so inspired and wanted to try with mango and musk melon. I m glad that i did. We totally loved this pudding, absolutely no sugar, it is a great snack and yumm desert anytime. And also it is very easy to make, blend the fruits, add the chia and refrigerate. Tadaaa, you can enjoy desert for dinner. Try this and let me know how you liked them.

2 cups Musk melon pulp (1 normal musk melon)
2 Alphonso mangoes, pulp  (even the seed is scraped off flesh, 🙂 )
1/2 cup Milk/Coconut milk/Any Non-dairy milk
2 tbsp honey/agave nectar/maple syrup (i didn’t use any of these)
3-4 tbsp chia seeds
2 tbsp of pistachios
Banana slices, mango cubes and pistachios for garnish


  • Take mango flesh and musk melon pulp into a blender, add milk and the sweetener if using, blend until smooth. I got about 3 cups of smoothie, of which i burped 1 cup as my breakfast, the rest 2 cups i used to make this pudding.
  • Take the smoothie in a large bowl, add chia seeds and pistachios, whisk well to combine. Cling-wrap and refrigerate for 4 hours minimum. 
  • To serve, spoon the pudding in bowls, top it banana and mango slices, sprinkle pistachios, drizzle lil honey and serve.

  • If serving for kids, i recommend adding 2 tbsp of sugar to the pudding, mix and serve.
  • You can also layer them like parafait and serve for dessert, by adding more fruits, double whammy!!!!

Tricolor Poha Pudding – Independence Day Dessert, Kids delight Event Announcement

Wishing all my readers a very Happy Independence Day. For the first time in my blogging years , I m posting a tricolor dessert for this occasion. Thanks to few blogger friends and you-tubers, if not for them, I would have never attempted to post one.
I m in the final leg of my annual vacation, sitting at MTR Singapore, I m drafting this post. Some  might not understand this feel, but any passionate food person can connect with this. Though i finished cooking, clicking and the video a week before, drafting the post alone, i kept it for last. 
About today’s post, a tricolor poha pudding, Simple to make Dessert with veggies for the coloring. I have added a drop of food color to the kheer , but this can be completely avoided. This kheer, is one of the best way to make your lil ones eat veggies, if they are fuzzy eaters,  particularly of carrots and green peas. 
I served this pudding for a get together last week and none could identify that, the green layer is made of peas. Just make sure, you cook the peas for few minutes before you purée them. A beautiful dessert that tastes amazing and makes a great attraction to your dinner table too.
5 cups of fresh milk, full fat
4-5 cardamom pods, crushed 
1 can condensed milk (400 grams)
1 cup thick poha

For the orange color
1 large carrot, cut into roundels
1/4 cup milk
A generous pinch of saffron
A drop of orange food color, gel color

For the green color
1/4 cup green peas
1/4 cup pistachios 
1/4 cup water 
A drop green food color, gel 

Here is the Video on How to make this Tricolor Poha Pudding


  • In a heavy bottom kadai/pan, dry roast poha for 2-3 minutes for it to turn crisp. Keep the flame in simmer, take care not to burn the poha. Once done, remove the poha to a flat plate,
  • Let it cool, add cardamom to it and grind it to a fine powder. Keep aside until use.
  • In a heavy bottom pan, heat milk, once it starts to boil, reduce the flame and add the powdered poha. Mix well and let this cook for 8-10 minutes for the poha to cook well.
  • Once the poha cooks, add condensed milk , mix well and let this sit on the flame for another 8-10 minutes for the Khmer to thicken.
  • Once done, remove the Kheer from stove, and divide it into 3 equal portions.
Let us make the orange layer.
  • Take chopped carrots in a a microwave-safe bowl, add milk and saffron to it. Microwave cook it at power 80 for 3-4 minutes.
  • Remove and let it cool, grind it to a fine paste in a mixer. Add 2 drops of orange food color and mix well.Take and keep aside until use.
  • Heat ghee in a wide pan, once hot add the carrot-saffron purée to its d sauté for 2 minutes. Now add one portion of poha kheer, to this and mix well.
  • Let this sit on the stove for another 8-10 minutes for the flavors to mingle well.Take it off the stove, let it sit aside until use.
To make the green layer
  • Take peas and pistachios in a microwave safe bowl, add 1/4cup of water. Microwave cook it at power 80 for 4- minutes.
  • Remove and let t cool completely. Drain the excess water from it and grind it to a fine paste in a mixer.Transfer it to a a bowl and add green food color to it and mix well.
  • Now in a flat pan, heat ghee, once it melts, add the peas-pistachios purée to it and sauté for 8-10minutes. Keep the flame summer and sauté. Do not hurry this step as the peas might taste raw if not sautéed well.
  • After the raw smell disappears, add the second portion of the kheer to the green mixture and mix well. Let this be on he stove for another 8-10 minutes for the flavors to mingle well.
  • Once done, and the kheer thickens a bit, remove it from the stove and let it cool.
Arranging the dessert 
  • In a small dessert bowl, first add 1/4 cup of green layer,Followed by 1/4 cup of white Kherson, and top it with orange layer.
  • Let the dessert sit in the refrigerator for atleast an hour for a beautifully set dessert.It can also be served warm after immediately arranging  the layers.
I m hosting August month’s kids delight, an event hosted by Srivalli. The theme for this month’s kids delight is hide and seek with veggies
As a mother and a food blogger how much ever tasty and healthy I cook, there are certain veggies that my kids don’t like and how much ever I cajole them, they are not ready to taste it. So the best thing I do is mask it in to their favorite dishes. 
I know many mommies around the world do the same. So, why not help each other by sending your dishes that you hide the veggies so your kids seek the health and taste of it.
So, do send in your  recipes to my email id :  I have listed the rules for the post below, kindly read before you send in your entries

Read Me
  • Cook any kid approved dish hiding the veggies(which they hate the most 😃) and post in your blog between August 15, 2017 – September 15, 2017. Multiple entries are allowed. Mail id : 
  • I will accept one month old entries, provided you will update the post with the event announcement link.
  • This is a vegetarian blog, so do not send meat recipes. Eggs are allowed in baked goods.
  • Link to this post and Valli’s Kid’s Delight announcement post is mandatory.
  • Kindly mark your email subject as “Kids delight – Hide and seek with veggies“, it is easy for me to group the entries correctly.
  • Send in your name and recipe link alone, i will take the picture from your blog. 
  • Please make sure the picture is crisp and clear. I will not accept blurred images for the round-up. Sorry for being rude.
  • Non-bloggers are also welcome to send in your recipes, please email me your recipe along with a crisp and clean picture, i will include them in my final round-up.

Kesar Pista Kulfi/Saffron Pistachio Frozen milk dessert

We are starting the 3rd week of Blogging Marathon and it is going to be Ice-cream all the way!! Oh yeah, mercury is on the high and we literally, literally want to soak ourselves in something cold other than sweat ofcourse!!! 
When i took this theme, my first choice was to do this delicious kulfi. We have warm memories with this kulfi. As a kid we used to get this from the road-side kulfi-wala, who comes every night, driving his little tricycle, ringing that little bell. 
We never questioned those days, whether it is hygienic, made using milk or water, whether it was using real ingredients or synthetic?? All we had was fun, waiting for that bell to ring, we would rush out, and look in awe, the way the guy takes the kulfi out of the bigg matka, push that little stick in, twist and take the kulfi out and hand it to us!!! Hmm, it was good, but i doubt whether we would like to try the same now, will be thinking all the hundred questions before buying a small kulfi. 
A homemade kulfi is no that tough, a simple recipe and all you need is an hour and lot of patience for it to set. If you have both then go and try it and enjoy this goodness.
4 cups of full fat milk
2 generous pinches of saffron
3 tbsp of pistachios, chopped
200 gms of condensed milk (i used 2 small 100 grams cans)
3 tbsp of ground almond & pistachios 
  • In a heavy bottom pan, boil milk. When it starts boiling, reduce the flame to simmer.
  • Add saffron, condensed milk  and stir well. Let it simmer around 15-20 minutes, stir frequently to avoid burning or spilling of milk. Stir well, and scrap the sides down and mix it back into the milk. 
  • When the milk is reduced to 3 cups, add the ground nut-mix powder to it. and add the chopped pistachios to it. Stir well. 
  • Take it off the stove and let it cool completely. Fill them up in kulfi moulds or in matkas/mud-pots. If using matkas, cover it well with a cling wrap first and then cover again with a wax paper and secure the wrap with an elastic band.
  • Freeze it for 6-8 hours. To unmould the kulfi, just show the mould, under running water. Open the lid, kulfi slides out easily. 
  • If you have any store-bough badam milk mix powder, you can try adding that instead of nut-mix powder. I have tried aavin badam mix powder, it gives a nice taste to the kulfi.
  • If you don’t have kulfi mould, you can use paper cups. But see to that, you cover it well with a cling  well. you can also insert an ice-cream stick, after wrapping it with a cling-wrap.
  • If adding sugar, use around 1/2 cup and let the milk to reduce a little further, may be from 4 cups to 2.5 cups.

Ragi Laddu – No ghee, No White Sugar, Vegan & Gluten-free Dessert

If you read my blog,regularly, then you know my love for ladoo/laddu. I can go ga-ga over them. Easy to make, versatile, portion-controlled, ‘n’ number of varieties can be made using different flours. I chose this delicious Gluten-free and vegan ladoo from Suma’s palce. She has made it using Ragi hurri hittu, Hurri means Roast and hittu means flour, so it means roasted ragi flour. Imagine roasting whole ragi at home and making flour!!! 

Suma says, some might even powder it with kopra(dried coconut) and nuts too, to make it more healthy and delicious. This Ragi hurri hittu is then mixed with jaggery,coconut and ghee to make ragi balls, which is not only delicious, but healthy too. Considering the amount of adulteration in store-bought snack bars these days, home-made goodies like these with healthy ingredients are a great choice and a tasty way to introduce kids to our age-old food practices and our own health bars/balls.  The Ladoos were super hit at home, I made extra and gave it to my SIL who is in her family way. These energy balls were a super hit among kids too, my Lil one, gobbled 2 ladoos while i was still shaping them. 

Coming to the recipe, i have used store-bought ragi flour. Wanted to try making hurri hittu at home, but since i m leaving in another week for my vacation, not making anything extra, that will lay around till i come back. In case you want to try, here is the link for suma’s place and another link to make things easier.

Ingredients (Makes 45)
1 cup Ragi Flour
1 cup Almonds
1 cup Cashewnuts/Skinned Peanuts
1/2 cup white sesame seeds
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
3/4 cup Powdered jaggery
3-4 pods of cardamom, crushed
2 no cloves, powdered

  • Dry roast ragi flour, almonds, cashewnuts, sesame and dessicated coconut separately. I dry roasted in the microwave. In a Microwave safe plate, spread the flour and microwave high for 3 minutes, take it out every 1 minute and stir using a spatula. Repeat the same with the nuts, coconut and sesame seeds, but reduce the time to 2 minutes. 
  • Let the ingredients cool well. Take cardamom and cloves in a small mixer, add tbsp of jaggery and powder it. The jaggery is added to aid grinding of the cardamom well.
  • In a food processor or your mixer, take the nuts (almonds, cashewnuts and sesame seeds)  and grind it to a powder. Do not grind continuously, we just need to powder the nuts first. So, grind in short pulse to powder them.
  • Once nuts are powdered, add ragi  flour, coconut, jaggery powder and powdered cardamom-clove powder to this nuts powder and grind it together. Now you can grind continuously for a minute for the nuts and seeds to release oil/fat that will help in binding the laddoos. 
  • Once the mixture is mixed well and clumps together, remove it to a flat plate and start making ladoos, Take a handful of this powder and press it in between your palms and shape it nicely into a ball (ping-pong ball size). 
  • If you want to decorate it more, just dip the tip of the ladoo into oil/ghee and dip it again on a plate of crushed pistachios. Store it an air-tight container. This keeps well on the counter for 3-4 days. If storing for more days, then refrigerate it. 
  • You can add a tbsp of ghee, if you prefer while roasting the ragi flour, it will give a nice aroma and taste to the final ladoo.
  • While shaping the ladoos, if you feel, it is still dry, add some ghee and shape. Milk can also be added, but then it should stored in the refrigerator, as it might not stay good on the counter for long.
  • Though made using ragi flour, the recipe uses dried nuts too, so remember portion-control!!! 🙂 

Orange and Vanilla Chia pudding, Vegan Breakfast/Dessert Pudding

Its been long since i made something sweet for myself. When i say sweet, it is not one of those sugar-laden desserts, i prefer less sugar in my cup, not only me everybody in my family, prefer less sugar.  While thinking what to make, i remembered my Mango-musk melon chia pudding, with mango season arriving, this will definitely make appearance in our menu. 
In fact i have few Badami Mangoes ripening in my rice pot, i just smell them everyday to feel that energizing aroma of ripened mangoes!!
While going through my bookmarks folder for some inspiration, i landed here. Once i ticked all the ingredients in the list, I got to work immediately. It takes absolutely no time to make this pudding. Just dump everything, shake and refrigerate. After few hours, you have something sweet, delicious to snack on. 
I made this pudding vegan with coconut milk, and haven’t added any sugar at all, we prefer it this way. Coconut milk itself, gives a sweet taste to the dish, and the orange segments added to it. 
Vanilla is what flavors this pudding and I would definitely recommend using a vanilla bean, it gives an amazing feel to the dish, if you don’t have one, go on and use extract or flavor it some other spice you prefer. 
This recipe makes one single serving pudding for breakfast or 2 servings if served as a snack or dessert. 

Ingredients (serves 1 for breakfast, 2 for snack/dessert)
1/4 cup chia seeds
1 & 1/4 cup Coconut milk
1 vanilla pod or 1 tsp of vanilla extract
2 tbsp of honey/agave nectar/sugar/date syrup (i didn’t use any)
zest of an orange
few orange segments 
1/2 tsp orange zest for garnish
2-3 tbsp of chopped walnuts
  • I used a bottle to soak up the chia seeds in coconut milk. Why bottle? it is easy to shake, to break the gelled chia seeds, i feel it is a bit messy in a bowl. So, use a bottle with lid, so you can give a nice shake, shake before serving.
  • Take chia seeds in a bottle, i used 200grams empty nutella bottle. Add coconut milk and orange zest to it.
  • If using vanilla pod, cut open it vertically, scrap the seeds using a sharp knife, add that black gold to chia seeds. If using vanilla extract, add it now. I prefer vanilla pod, i used the last pod from my stash for making this pudding!
  • Now give the bottle a good shake.using a spoon stir well for the ingredients to mix well or else the chia seeds will settle at the bottom and not gel well.
  • Close the lid and let it sit in the fridge for a good 4-5 hours, overnight will be even better, the flavors will marry and mingle so well. 
  • Before serving, get the garnishes ready, spoon the pudding in 2 serve bowls, top it with fresh orange segments, zest and chopped walnuts. Serve immediately.
  • If serving for breakfast, just add all the toppings to the bottle and enjoy. It serves 2 if served as dessert or snack and one if served as breakfast.
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 Mango-Musk Melong chia pudding