Saturday, April 07, 2018

Feta Cheese And Mint chutney Wrap

The alphabet i though the most was F. I couldn't go beyond Figs. I once made Figs and Halloumi Sandwich for one such Mega Marathon. The mind of, we food bloggers think better under pressure! Until last week my mind was thinking only figs, but then suddenly last weekend, it gave me options like fenugreek and feta. I have a Fenugreek leaves chutney, which again was made for a mega marathon.
So i settled for Feta cheese wraps. I used the mint thogayal(Mint chutney with lentils) i made a day before as spread. The combination of feta and labneh along with the veggies and sauce, made it one amazing flavored wrap. I first made this as a breakfast for my hubby's box. While i was making for myself,  my elder one tasted the wrap, he wanted for himself, so i made them again for him. Even my lil one enjoyed a bite. 
Whole Wheat Wraps - 2 (I used store-bought)
2 nos cucumber, cut into sticks
1 onion, cut into thin round slices
1/4 cup feta cheese, crumbled
1/4 cup mint chutney or mint pesto or coriander pesto
1/4 cup labneh cheese
Chili sauce and tomato ketchup as needed 
other options
Pickled cucumbers, pickled jalapenos, shredded cabbage, carrots

  • Keep all the ingredients ready by your side, before starting. Wash and chop the cucumber into sticks, Onions into thin slices.
  • Place the wrap on a plate or chopping board, spread mint chutney generously, add crumbled feta. lay down the cucumber sticks and onions, top it with some Chilli sauce, Toamto ketchup and labneh. I had some soaked fenugreek seeds in hand, i added that too to the wrap.
  • Roll once, fold the sides like an envelope and continue rolling into a tight wrap.
  • Heat a tava, place the wrap with folded side on the bottom, add some butter/ghee. Let it toast for a minute, carefully flip the roll to the other side and toast for another minute. Remove from the tava, cut into two half and serve with sauce of your choice. 
  • I served this for my hubby breakfast too, it wasn't too soggy as he has it around 9:00 am, and i made the wrap for him at 7:00. 


  1. Ha ha pressure le unga brain motor ode vegama odudhu priya.. Semma yaar .. I am just in awwww how your brain is so cooperative :D but so true in pressure we do tend to get so many new ideas :) Kudos to you !! This is another wonderful recipe with feta and methi chutney , the wrap looks fabulous and so creative idea. I am loving the way you combine components make a very innovative dish :) wonderful set and captures !!

  2. Wonderful twist with that healthy mint chutney, wraps looks absolutely prefect to carry everywhere. Am still curious to know how this wrap tastes. Fantastic dish there.

  3. You sure are coming up with some amazing dishes for the marathon Priya. Your dishes are so unique and innovative. Wrap sounds so simple and so delicious with all the yummy components.

  4. Wow! that is such a wholesome wrap. I am surprised that soaked fenugreek made its way into it as well. Very innovative.

  5. Such a kick-ass sandwich.. Beautiful presentation and everything looks more inviting!!

  6. wow !..and wow !..seriously Priya the wrap looks amazing, specially after cutting it into !super healthy and delicious wrap.perfect for any meal.

  7. Those wraps look seriously sinful Priya. I do agree and wonder how we sometimes think of such fantastic ideas, great going!

  8. These are such an amazing wraps. Love your fusion filling with labneh, feta and mint thogayal. Absolutely flavourful. No wonder your kid loved it..

  9. Wow, Such a amazing wrap. I love all the ingredients get into that wrap., definitely my kind of food. It looks so inviting and delicious, Priya.

  10. Thinking under pressure is what the best pola... ;-) I do plan but things always change. Between these wraps are very filling and that use of mint thogayal is amazing.

  11. I would love that wrap for lunch. Looks so beautiful and love all the ingredients that you have used for the wrap. The mint chutney should have kicked up a notch in the wrap.

  12. Definitely agree Priya,mind works better under pressure and you come up with such awesome dishes!! The ingredients in the wrap will surely make it a hit!!

  13. Only we food bloggers can come up with such mind blowing ideas Priya. Kudos to you for coming up such nice idea and the wrap look so tempting with mint chutney and inviting.

  14. Super healthy and delicious looking wrap. Its amazing how this A-Z themes make us go so crazy. However good you thought of feta as look at the wonderful filling breakfast you prepared.

  15. Very healthy and protein rich wrap... awesome flavors.

  16. The wraps sound so delicious Priya. I am guessing even my family would love this.

  17. I left a comment here a couple of days ago but I don't see it now. Anyway, these wraps are super flavorful and filling. And honestly, I loved all your choices for the breakfast series.


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