Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mint pesto - Fresh mint and almonds Sauce/Chutney

I feel it is partiality if i don't do a pesto while celebrating the italian sauces as this Week's BM theme here in my kitchen. Classic italian pesto, is pounded in a marble mortar and wooden pestle made with basil/herbs, pine nuts, garlic, cheese and salt. I m not sure whether adding almonds or walnuts are modern way of making your pesto flavorsome or simply a cost cutting measure, i for sure do the latter. 
I recently made a coriander and mint pesto with walnuts, i love adding walnuts to pesto as i feel they give more creamy texture to it and in that process i add little less olive oil to my pesto. Today i bring you a fresh, flavorsome mint pesto, using almonds. The freshness of mint will just engulf you the moment you  taste a spoon of this green goodness. 
Pesto's are my favorite for another good reason, they are pretty easy to make, just dump and blend. I love such simple recipes, i sometimes cheat my friends and family by doing tons of such simple recipes when they come for lunch/dinner and they keep wondering whether i m a lady ravan(Hindu Mythology Ramayan Character) with 20 hands!!!😆
Ok, coming to the recipe, i made a small batch of this pesto and used it immediately to flavor  Rice noodles for dinner, it was finger-licking good, do try and let me know how you liked it.

Inspired from here
3 fistful of mint leaves
10-12 no’s almonds, blanched
2 fat cloves of garlic
2-3 tbsp of olive oil
1/2 tsp peppercorns
Salt to taste
  • Clean and wash the mint leaves. I have used 1 medium bunch of mint leaves, which when the stalks are removed will yield around 3 fists full of leaves. Sorry didn’t measure the exact amount, when I do  will update the post.
  • Take the mint leaves in a spice grinder or small jar of your food processor, add garlic, blanched and skinned almonds, pepper and salt.
  • Process until it turns to a coarse paste, do not add water while doing, add 1 tbsp of olive oil at a time and process the pesto.
  • Remove the coarsely ground pesto into a separate bowl. Toss it with your favorite pasta or add it your spaghetti and enjoy this flavorsome mint pesto.


  1. Simple yet flavorful pesto. Good one

  2. Raavan ! Lol ! The mint pesto sounds absolutely stunning ! Would give it a try asap , mint and walnuts happen to my favourite ingredients !

  3. Well, if you whip up so many delicious dishes, obviously people will think you are Lady Ravan with 20 hands :) . Haven't tried mint pesto. Got to give it a try very soon.

  4. Lady Ravan? Hahaha. Love that phrase. Interesting pesto with mint and almonds. I am sure to try this soon.

  5. Lady Ravan! Hahaha. This pesto sounds absolutely yum..

  6. ha ha priya you need some skills to even make so many simple recipes :D you have quoted yourself to lady ravan with 20 hands which sounds funny but it is true kudos to your humor sense , am still laughing :) Pesto looks so yummy and yes even I like the pesto with walnuts in them.

  7. on your intro and the comments above..I can easily imagine you as lady Ravan Priya...:)..the condiment has a lovely hue!

  8. This is so different......I have not experimented much of pesto....bookmarking this.......


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