Dhaniya Podi Saadam/Coriander Seeds Rice - Day 7 Blogging Marathon

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Last Day of Blogging Marathon. Planned to make a Spicy Rice Mix for Lunch. Though my hubby asked for something like a One Pot Meal, i want to stick to my idea of Quick Rice Recipes. This Recipe is again from Mallika Badhrinath's Rice Delights Cook-Book.
1 Cup Rice, Cooked
2 tbsp Coriander Seeds/Dhaniya 
4-5 nos Red Chillies
2 tsp Black gram dal/Urad Dal
2-3 cloves of garlic
Tamarind, size of a marble/Goli Gundu
Salt to taste
Curry leaves a few

1 -2 tsp Sesame Oil/Ghee
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
hing a little
curry leaves a few
2 tsp Chopped almonds

Heat a little oil and fry red chillies. Coriander seeds and urad dal/Black gram dal till brown in colour.  Add curry leaves at the end and fry for one or two minutes, in low flame.When it cools down powder everything together with garlic, tamarind and salt.  
Heat oil in a Pan, Splutter mustard seeds, little hing. Fry curry leaves and chopped almonds. Now add Rice and Fry for a second or two.  Put off the flame, add the grounded powder and Mix well. Adjust the salt. Serve with Potato Curry or any crisp of your choice. The aroma of freshly pound Coriander seeds with tamarind tasted great. Makes a Spicy, Flavourful Lunch Box Recipe!!

Check out the bloggers doing the Blogging Marathon, along with me.. 
Group 1
30 Minutes Meals: Gayathri Anand 
Baked Goods: Monika 
For On Going Events: Gayathri Kumar, Usha
Kids Friendly: PJ, Savitha, Smitha, Veena Aravind, Srivalli
Rice Varieties: Champa, Divya, Padma

Group 2
30 Minutes Meals:Priya Mahadavan, Pavani,
Seven Days of Salad: lla, Divya Vikram
For Ongoing 7 Events: Priya Suresh, Suma Gandlur, Harini,
Kids Friendly: Vatsala, Jay, Kamalika 
Seven Days of Rice: Veena Krishnakumar, Padma Rekha and Myself

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  1. Fantastic finish to the blogging marathon - Dhania IS my # 1 favorite seed and the smell to me is intoxicating! I love this in Grand Sweets and Snacks!YUM!

  2. Priya, Soopera kalikiteenga... Ella sadhamum romba nalla irundhudhu...


  3. I can smell the coriander seeds. lovely rice to finish off ur marathon.

  4. This recipe is new to me, got to try and am sure would taste awesome with rice and ghee.

  5. yummy and spicy rice :) looks lovely :)

  6. I am a podi freak so I love this podi too.

  7. Thats sooo simple...

  8. Am yet to try this dhaniya rice, rice looks awesome..

  9. Lovely flavor 2 d rice..looks yumm

  10. I make dry podi with coriander seeds. We dont add tamarind. ur version sounds too good. will try sometime.

  11. all the seven days rice dishes are very tempting ...looks too good...

  12. Any rice with podi is my comfort food! Kalakkarae Priya, varisaiyaa podi rice varieties!!!

  13. I love any podi rice. Looks delish.

  14. Nice one pot meal...i luv the podi sadam...it luks very tempting,priya...

  15. Lovely. I should say you came up really with easy & quick rice dishes and most of them could be wholesome by the addition of veggies.

  16. My son is fond of Podis and I just happened to bang on this site. I prepared it today, and it came out really well. And my son loved it.


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