Godhumai Rava Sarkarai Pongal/Lapsi Sweet Pongal/Sweetened rice using Broken Wheat

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why am i posting a pongal recipe 2 weeks after the actual festival, hmm ah yes, i chose the theme of festivals of the month as the theme for the last week of BM.  The popular festivals of January is Pongal/Makara Sankranthi,Lohri, Bighu, while looking for some special recipes, though i bookmarked some Bhigu specials, i didn't have time to try any. Kids are literally eating my time and energy. There is something or the other to do at home these days. If there is nothing, i start to clean up something. uff, being a mother is toughest job in the whole universe. 
In between all these craziness, i have joined Guitar classes from last week. yaayy, finally learning some music. It will take a month to know the strings well, until then poor master has to listen to my blabber on the guitar. It feels so good, to touch the instrument and strum the strings, finally i doing something, which i have been longing to do all these years.  Hope to get my other side of brain to work. Wish me luck!!
I chose to make a pongal festival dish. Sarkarai pongal or sweet pongal is the star of the pongal day. I have tried to make the same with Broken wheat/lapsi. There is no difference in the taste of the normal pongal and this. None will find out the ingredient, unless you tell them. 
1/2 cup Godhumai Rava/Lapsi/Broken Wheat
2 tbsp moong dal
2 tbsp chana dal
2 cups of milk
1/2 cup water
1 cup grated jaggery
4 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp chopped cashewnuts
1 tbsp raisins
3 nos cardamom, crushed
1 no clove

  • Take Broken wheat and both the dals together in a pan. Dry roast until golden brown. To this roasted wheat-dal  mixture add 2 cups of milk, 1/2 cup of water, crushed cardamom and clove.
  • Take this mixture in another vessel, like the separator that comes with the pressure cooker and place it in a pressure cooker/pan, pressure cook for 4-5 whistles. Cooking directly in the cooker is not advisable, a slight distraction might burn the pongal  and during whistles there will be lot of splitter-splatter that requires lots of cleaning.
  • Remove the contents from the cooker after the pressure releases on its own. Take the grated jaggery in a saucepan, add 1/2 cup of water and melt. Strain any impurities, add the strained jaggery syrup to the cooked wheat-dal mixture.  Mix well and take it to the stove. Keep the flame simmer and stir frequently.
  • To this cooking pongal, add  2 tbsp of ghee. In a small tadka pan, take another 2 tbsp of ghee, roast the cashewnuts and raisins. Add this to the simmering pongal. Once it starts thickening, remove it from the flame. It will take about 5-10 minutes after adding jaggery.  Serve warm. 
  • The pongal thickens as it cools, so do not keep it for a longer time on stove, once it starts coming together, remove it from the flame. Serve it warm and enjoy the 
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  1. Love it. Sweet Pongal in any form tastes divine.

  2. Broken wheat pongal looks very tempting.Love your clicks.

  3. Good luck with the classes. Its fun to do somehting you always wanted to do :)

    Te pongal looks great, cant spt the difference at all!

  4. I am feeling so hungry looking at that! Good luck on all the new things u r trying... :)

  5. All the best for your music classes. Pongal is my all time favourite.It looks so good.I must try your version as well.

  6. Very inviting. Never tried with wheat.. sounds delicious

  7. Absolutely tempting and prefect pongal for neivedhyam..

  8. Pongal with gogodhuma rava looks so creamy and delicious.

  9. Sounds so delicious Priya! Am definitely going to try this soon..

  10. Nice pongal , its quite like the porridge we make , with a difference of daals . N all the best to our aspiring rock star

  11. All the best Priya. Next time we meet, don't forget to bring your guitar so that we can enjoy your music. The pongal looks so delicious. Need to try this..

  12. Dont tempt me with these sweets. Looks totally yumm

  13. One of my fav pongal varieties, Priya.

  14. have made lapsi a few times and loved it entirely but yours looks so nice and hearty with all the fruit and nuts and good luck with the guitar lessons - what a great undertaking!

  15. The pictures are looking so good Priya..next time for sure one Kacheri for us..:P


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