Pineko golbheda Achar/Nepali Style Tomato pickle

A simple chutney to go with chatamari or even with our regular indian idly/dosa. The spice level in this chutney is a bit on the higher side. So, adjust the chilies according to your taste buds. I have added 2 nos of red chilies, but next time i would consider only 1. It was a bit spicy, but when paired with the Chatamari, the taste was balanced.

3 Medium-sized tomatoes
4 garlic cloves
2 nos red chlies

  • Roast the tomatoes, garlic cloves and red chilies over flame one by one. Peel the charred skin of tomatoes.
  • First pound garlic and red chilies with a mortar and pestle to a paste. It wouldn’t fine, but closer to paste.
  • Next add the tomatoes to this and pound together to get a chutney. I have a very small mortar-pestle, so i pounded the garlic-chili in that and transfered it to a heavy bottom bowl and added the tomatoes to this and used the pestle to pound the tomatoes.Serve it with chatamari

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