Kuttu in Kitchen – His Cooking Event

Kuttu is my Son, 4 years old. Yes, 4 years old and he cooked something, well not for me but for himself. I posted these pics in my FB page, jokingly said i m going to send this to Priti’s Event and to my surprise, she asked me to send it. 
This Lovely scene happened on this weekend. Weekend Mornings are always Lazy!!!! My Son wakes up only by 10 or 10:30. But this time, he happened to wake up early and asked for some breakfast. I had some Dosa Batter in the fridge, I kept it out and was heating up the tava, he suddenly came with a stool and said “Amma, Kuttu Dosai Pannanum!!”. I didnt want to say No to his curiosity. I just stood besides me, jus to make to sure he doesnt get himself hurt!!! But, Mummy the ignorant, Son made 3 small cute dosas and had all it by himself. I m jus posting the pics and giving you the measurements for the dosa/idly batter.

3 cups Parboiled rice
1/2 cup urad dal
1 handful of raw rice
1 tsp Methi seeds


Soak Rice and Dal separately for 3-4 hrs. Methi seeds with the dal. Grind urad dal and methi first and then grind Rice to a smooth battter. Then mix them together.I normally use Mixie to Grind. If you are going to make dosa, you can just take the required batter and add salt and make it immdly. It has a good taste. Many, like my hubby doesnt like dosa’s to be sour. 

To make idlies, let the batter sit outside for a day. If you are grinding it in the morning, leave it out for the day, you will get good idlies for night.

Sending these cuties to Festive Food – His Cooking Event hosted @ Indian Khana