Double Cheese Idly Burger

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Sunday, February 08, 2015

I used to watch a lot of cookery shows previously, read before my second child. Now i watch Barney, Doc Mcstuffins, Zou, Mickey Mouse,Garfield the whole day, with repeated telecast atleast 3 or 4 times each. I feel i can mute the TV and tell the dialogues myself. uff!! 
2 or 3 weeks back, I luckily had the opportunity to watch a cookery programme in Vijay TV. Yes, my b(u)oyz, thought of giving me some ME time, so went down to play in the lawn for an hour. I happily settled down with the TV remote,it felt so good to touch the remote after a very long time!! :)
It was Vijay TV Venkatesh Bhat Cookery show, the theme was leftover magic. Loved the concept and the way he presented boring,day old food into something totally new and gloriously appetizing! Today my recipe too a is a Leftover magic, inspired from that show. I had some idlies from last night dinner, i normally steam and have it for my breakfast next day. But today, i thought of giving it a little makeover and show our traditional idly into a chic breakfast! The taste was awesome, the flavors were amazing. Definitely a kids favorite, if you have a teenager, they will definitely love this transformation.

1 idly steamed in a bowl (i used my coffee bowl for steaming to get a burger shaped idly)
1 no japanese eggplant/brinjal/aubergine
2 cheddar cheese slices
1 small tomato, juicy, but firm
2 pinches of red chili powder
2 pinches of coriander powder
2 or 3 basil leaves (optional)
2 tbsp tomato ketchup

  • I have used leftover idly from yesterday's dinner. If planning to make fresh idly, please do steam in coffee dabara(coffee bowl, the one with a flat base).
  • Cut the idly in the center to make two sides of the burger. Toast it until golden brown on both sides on a warm tava. Add a tsp of oil to both the sides while toasting. Take care not to flip it often, or else the idly will break.
  • Place one side of the idly on the tava, keep the flame low, add a tsp of oil.Let it toast for a minute or two, until it gets a mild honey color on the side. Flip carefully and do the same for the other side too. Carefully transfer it to a plate and keep aside until use.
  • While the idlies are toasting, cut the eggplant into roundels. Keep the size the same, not too thick or too thin. Since we will be cooking it on the tava, way too thin slices might end up sticking to it and thick slices might not cook evenly. So keep a medium size, thick about a rupee coin.
  • Once you remove the toasted idlies, place the cut brinjals on the hot tava. Keep the flame medium. Add a tsp of oil to the brinjals. Let it cook for a minute or two, Flip and cook again for minute or two. Now flip again, Sprinkle red chili powder and coriander powder on top of the brinjals and add another tsp of oil. Flip and cook again the other side. 
  • Remove the brinjals once they turn nicely browned and crisp on the edges and would have shriveled a bit. While the brinjals are roasting, cut the tomatoes into roundels.
  • To assemble the burger, Place a slice of toasted idly on a serving plate, add a blob of ketchup, top it with cheese slice, now place some toasted aubergines, cut tomatoes, 2 basil leaves and top it again with a cheese slice. Add a blob of sauce and close it with other slice of idly. Cut and serve immediately.
This goes to Kids Delight-Say cheese, happening @ +Padmajha PJ's space and also to Cooking from cookbook challenge and Come, join us for breakfast, happening @ +srivalli jetti's space.

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  1. Tell me about watching kids shows that too with multiple re-runs every single day. Sometimes I feel I'm in the land of cartoons and not humans :-)
    Those Idli sandwiches look amazing. Very innovative and they must have tasted great too.

  2. this is so innovative... talk about TV, nothing runs in our home apart form the cartoon channels too! :/

  3. I thought I am only person to cribb on thses TV issues.All of them having the similar issue.Ufff relaxing..I am not the only person.After the second one,same story runs in all houses.
    Anyways I like the left over magic ideas

  4. For mine I will skip the eggplant but other than that I love this burger.> Will pack it up next time.Only I ma sure to have complaints why do you have to give things like this I had none.:D

  5. Cool & fun way to serve idli's Priya. Love your presentation :)

  6. Does the idli bun fall apart when biting into it?

  7. What a wonderful recipe, a totally different way to serve idli, in a burger form. Makes it a more fun way to enjoy idli for kids and adults too.


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