14 Vegetarian Caribbean Dishes - Tried and tested, simple must try dishes

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Saturday, November 11, 2017

Caribbean, islands surrouning the caribbean sea, a land with scenic beaches, lovely food and great history.  The regions food reflects it diversity, and fusion of many cultures and yet has its own special style. Me and few of  my blogger buddies tried to explore this rich cuisine last month and here is a small collection we enjoyed.
Here is the roundup of caribbean dishes from Mayuri Patel+Usha Rao+Chef Mireille+Priya Suresh and yours truly me.

  • Doubles : soft, fluffy bread stuffed with chickpeas gravy and chutney. This looks so yum, i could eat it straight from the screen
  • Butter flaps : Puffy rolls, filled with butter, call it the croissant of the carribbean.
  • Jamaican Toto- coconut cake, rich cake made with fresh coconut and coconut milk.

  • Green Seasonning, a must in carribbean cooking, all purpose seasoning and marinade that goes into everything from curry to rice
  • Carribbean Corn soup, a chunky soup with corn and dumplings, hearty soup for the coming winter months
  • Bojo - Gluten-free cassava cake! a dense cake that makes a lovely company with some tea/coffee

  • Pholourie is a spicy deep fried yellow split peas fritters. crispy outside and fluffy inside, yumm snack for your evenings!
  • Carribbean Rice & peas, simple, yet flavorful rice, makes a great lunch with meat or veggies. Usha, has paired it with Jamaican Jerk chicken, yet another delicacy of the carribbean

  • Aruban pan bati is a salted crepe, simple pancake that can be served with number of condiments.
  • Bokit, a fried bread sandwich, a simple bread even for the person who doesn't like to bake! 
  • Trinidad Aloo Pie, needless to say, a filling bread with favorite potatoes, a scrumptious lunch!

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  1. great roundup representing the diversity of the Caribbean

  2. Nice round up of yummy Caribbean dishes Priya. Everything looks delicious.

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  10. Wonderul roundup Priya, now I know where to look up for Caribbean recipes.


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