Palak Pakoda/Spinach Fritters

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fried food is a rare at home, i hardly make appalam or vada, if kids feel like having appalam, i make it in the microwave. Once in a month, we might have appalam for our friday lunch. For the past week i m making pakoda, samosa almost every other day, and kids are wondering, what happened to me suddenly😄. Yday's Onion samosa, sold like hot cakes, i made just 8, and had to save 3 for their dad. Today's Palak Pakode too is a hit, serve it straight from the pan, they will be asking for more. 
I made them for our evening chai, hot chai paired so well with the pakode. While i was looking for the recipe, i came across 2 different methods , one frying each leaf of palak dipped in batter and other is fine chopping the leaves and making the batter with it and frying it like vada. But when i searched specifically, how it is made in the roadside stalls, i came across this method. I m linking the videos which i saw and adapted, they chop the leaves roughly and add it to the besan flour batter. Some use green chili, i have used chili powder. Use of ajwain and cumin is optional, but i prefer them in my deep fried food, as they aid digestion and avoid heart burn. A perfect snack to enjoy on a weekend evening, do try and let me know how you liked them.
Video reference here, here and here
1 bunch palak/spinach
1 cup besan/gram flour
3-4 tbsp rice flour
1/2  tsp -3/4 tsp red chili powder
1/2 tsp coriander powder
2 sprigs of curry leaves
2 pinches of ajwain/carom seeds
2 pinches of cumin seeds
1/2 tsp salt or to taste
1/2 cup - 3/4 cup of water
Oil for frying

  • Wash the spinach leaves well in running water. Chop off the stems, take only leaves. Chop leaves roughly. Do not chop thin or fine, just a rough chop,a bunch into 3 or 4 cuts. Let this sit in a drainer.
  • Let us make the dough. Take besan, rice flour in a large bowl, to this add red chili powder, coriander powder, cury leaves, ajwain and cumin and salt. Whisk well to combine.
  • Now slowly add water to this and make dough, it will not be runny or too tight like chapathi dough. it will be little lose.Use only the 3/4 cup of water not more than that, it will make the batter runny.
  • To this now add the spinach and mix well. Heat oil for frying, once it is hot, take small portion of batter and drop into hot oil. Take a small portion and drop into the hot oil.You can fry 6-7 at a time.
  • Do not crowd the pan, cook them nice and brown on all sides. Remove using a slotted spoon onto a paper towel. Serve it hot, along with some hot chai.

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  1. Crispy and delicious pakoda!!! Often i make pakoda with onions, but still i have to try my hands on this spinach pakoda. Perfect for tea time !!!

  2. THose fritters looks simply fabulous, very crispy and dangerously addictive. Even at home, am trying to keep ourselves aways from fried foods. This pakodas are calling me.

  3. We also make palak pakodi with chopped palak, Priya. Else it would be called Bajji - my thoughts. I agree it is a perfect accompaniment for tea.

  4. This is one great way of adding spinach in our food!! Im addicted to pakodas and you tempted e now!!

  5. Wow ! The paalak pakodas look so crunchy , and so well made . Tell the kids this is blog cooking , soon they would get healthy food !

  6. They look so yum.. perfectly made.. that crisp texture 😍

  7. Super crispy pakoda... no wonder kids were demanding for it. Yum

  8. These pakoras look absolutely yum. It is ok to do deep frying once in a while and we are so enjoying it virtually.

  9. Oh yeah ! We r deep frying more than ever for this Mega Bm .. these pakoras r so addictive, arent they ?

  10. Its raining outside and your pakoda is making me yearn for some of this delicious snack and hot tea. However, if I go to the kitchen to make this then my commenting will be left undone :(

  11. Bring them on Priya, you must deep fry more yaar, nothing like a deep fried love I tell you..hehehe..I love these pakodas and yes I make it like our pakodas as well..very nicely done!

  12. Ha ha I am sure you earned all hearts for those perfectly made samosas :) Palak pakodas look so inviting priya am sure they would have sold well too.. They are so addictive I want some now..I love how you placed them on a newspaper just the way we get in street , perfect captures !!

  13. We love crispy deep fried palak pakodas and you have made them so perfectly. Just need s cup of chai and some chutney to finish those scrumptious pakodas.

  14. We too love these crisp fried palak pakoda. Perfectly made to go with tea.

  15. Palak pakora is something that my little one picks everytime we are at an Indian restaurant. I have not made them myself, but want to make it soon for my son. Looks so delicious. All I need is some thayir saadham on the side. I love pakora with thayir saadham :)

  16. The pakodas look so good Priya. I too prefer this version than the one where the leaves are dipped in batter and fired.

  17. Love this crunchy palak pakora with green chutney.. perfect snack for monsoon season.


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