Banana Chocoate and Cream Cheese Sandwiches - bite sized sandwiches

By Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen - Thursday, October 18, 2018

After navrathri i bet every household that hosted golu guests will be overflowing with fruits! I have almost 2 dozen of apples, oranges and more than two dozen bananas after distributing the pomegranates and pears to my friends. So , friends i m looking for ways to use up the bananas, No, i dont want to  make cakes, though finally i will pushed there, because that will vanish fast than other dishes. So you will be seeing some creative recipes to use up bananas in my space for the next few days. 
Here is one quick sandwich to make for the sudden hunger pangs of for a big  kids party. it is quicker to make to so it satiates the hunger and since it is quicker to make you can do a big batch anytime you want to. It contains all the favorites of kids chocolate, banana and bread. 
 These cute sandwiches are packed to Srivalli's Kid's Delight event, guest hosted by Pavani themed on Mini Dishes.
Ingredients (makes 3 sandwiches and 6 verticals slices)
6 slices of bread (white/brown/multigrain)
100 grams cream cheese
2 tbsp icing sugar
50 grams lindt dark chocolate
50 grams lindt white chocolate
1 banana
Cream cheese and chocolate sauce for serving
  • Remove the crust of the bread. Melt white and dark chocolate together in the microwave. Mix icing sugar with cream cheese and it light and fluffy. Peel and chop banana into medium roundels.
  • Take a slice of bread, spread chocolate sauce, place four banana roundels on it, take another slice of bread, spread cream cheese mix on to it. Sandwich both the slices together.
  • Repeat the same with all the reamining slices. Cut them into two vertically. Drizzle some chocolate sauce on top and serve immediately. 
  • Kids loved with both chocolate sauce and cream cheese on the side. my lil one loved it with more cream cheese, whereas my elder one loved with the chocolate.  So serve these cute sandwiches with both the condiments on the side and see them fly.

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  1. My kids will enjoy this sandwiches without any guilt, banana chocolate and cream cheese whatelse we need.. Well done.

  2. This is always a winning combination. Chocolate and banana marry well for sure. Good one to win the tiny hearts :)

  3. That is a delicious sandwich Priya. That is a nice way of using up leftover bananas.

  4. Oh please you are killing me ok, why only kids? I would love this Priya..too good..

  5. banana and chocolate always make such a great combo - this looks so delicious!

  6. Delicious sandwiches with those lovely flavors you chose to stuff.

  7. This is just wow. My kiddo does not want to eat banana and this sounds a good way to me to feed him. And those sandwiches are so tempting , just want to grab the whole plate.

  8. Priya, I literally cant stop drooling over these sandwiches. It has all my fav- banana, choc and bread! If I make this, I am sure there will be nothing left for the kids!

  9. This looks a delicious treat to taste buds. banana and chocolate is already a diedly combination, with cream cheese it would be simply lip-smacking sandwich. love this.

  10. Just by looking at the sandwiches, I feel like putting them in my mouth. Chocolate and cream cheese....Mmmm... delicious

  11. I love quick recipe... this sandwich are perfect for everyone specially kids tiffins.


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