Ganesha Making using Kozhukattai maavu/Rice flour/Eco-Friendly Ganesha using Rice Flour

Yay, finally the last post of the Buffet on Table, Mega BM!!! pheww, never thought i would do it and here i m at the finale!!!! Thanks a ton to my BM Family, for pushing me!!! Hugs to you all!!!
The final post on Bloggers choice, i present you how i made my first ever Ganesha, the eco-friendly way. Ganesha, the Lord of good beginnings, is here to end the September Mega BM post. I have never attempted to make my own ganesha before, coz i know me and art stand in opposite direction. But this Ganesh Chathurthi, seeing many home-made eco-friendly ganesha’s i too wanted to try one. 
I have made mine using Kozhukattai maavu/dumpling flour. It is pretty easy to make and all u need a little bit creativity to decorate. Trust me when i say you can do it, when i have made it to look like the Lord, i m sure anybody can do it!!! 
This is the Ganesha i made for Chathurthi, named him Spice Ganesha. I couldn’t take step-by-step pictures that time, so i made him again today just for clicks. Hope u like it and try it for your next pooja. 
He is completely eco-friendly, you can say bye to him by dipping him any water body or keep a bowl full of water at home and immerse him there and use the water on your plants. So, lets begin the final post of this BM!!!! 🙂 

1/2 cup Rice flour
1 cup of Water
1 tbsp of oil
A bit of patience and 1/2 an hour time.
2 or 3  tooth picks for support

For decoration
few cardamom pods for tusks, crown and earrings
peppercorns for eyes
Vermilion or Red food color
Turmeric or Yellow food color


  • Boil water in pan, take flour in  a large bowl. Add oil to the boiling water, take it off the stove and pour it over the flour, stir well using a wooden ladle. All the flour and wter should be well mixed. Keep it covered for 10 minutes. 
  • After 10 minutes, when it is warm enough to touch, collect and knead the dough into a ball. Take a clean pooja plate to place the Ganesha. Now let us start. Hope the pictures are self-explanatory.
  • Before you start, please understand that it is a delicate Ganesha. So, please do not handle him rough. Secondly it is made of rice flour, it is suitable only for 2 day pooja, where we bid him adieu the second day, so do not try this for 5 or 10 day pooja.
  • Keep a bowl of water mixed with little oil by your side, Wet your hands whenever you shape a piece of dough, slightly wet dough sticks better. 

Make 2 such logs of dough for the legs. Shape them like a question mark. Place one on the right side of the gnaesha like a stnading mountain and the other on the left side like a  > shape. 

Make 2 logs like this, shape one like a spoon for the left-hand of Ganesha and other like a spoon turned other way for right hand. place 4-5 small balls of dough on the left hand, to look like he is holding modagams. 

Here your Ganesha is ready, decorate him as you wish. I have used vermilion and turmeric for the decoration. Cardamom pods for the tusks ad earrings. Peppercorns for eyes.